A new "echo-system" between artists and the audience



Bespoke chamber music concerts at home, in your hotel and for all your events

Rêveries Sonores organises intimate concerts in the venue of your choice. Specify your preferences in terms of musical programme and artists, copyrights management and staging… We take care of the rest!


What is chamber music?


Chamber music is music purposefully created for small ensembles of musicians. It can be a solo instrumentalist (violin or cello for instance), or a small group of musicians playing together (a duo, a trio, a quartet, etc.). The impression that emerges is one of intimacy, conducive to daydreaming!


Prior to the emergence of public concerts, “chamber” music was played in private homes. Later, it was performed in music salons, much to the delight of the artistic Parisian crowd. Rêveries Sonores can help you relive the warm atmosphere of a music salon at home, in your hotel and for all your events.


Wrap your guests in genuine musical bubbles! Let them feel the vibration of music in an intimate setting. The perfect way to differentiate yourself and make a lasting impression!

Bespoke concerts : why and for whom ?

You are

The manager of a hotel? a cruise line? a museum or heritage site?

Attract a premium audience by offering an unforgettable musical experience that will define your identity and set you apart from your competitors.

An event project manager?

Make a lasting impression by organising an event within the event: Wrap your audience in a musical bubble that your guests will remember for a long time.

An HR Lanager?


A private individual?

Offer your employees a moment of pure happiness to celebrate another year spent together. The concert will serve as a great surprise and be perceived as a wonderful way to thank them for their commitment.

Bring your friends and family together for an intimate moment of sharing with a concert tailored to your space. Do you own a castle or a large venue? Schedule your own music festival and call on us to organise your event.



RÊVERIES SONORES will work with you on inspiration and creativity, and will then handle the organizational work. Everything will be adapted to you, in sync with your own wishes and your venue. Our deepest wish is to make sure that these moments that are shared with your guests are unforgettable!

Infinite possibilities are available to you :


Solo, duo, trio,



un orchestre

de chambre.


Un week-end

musical avec 3

concerts ou un




Working with dancers, narrators, gourmet

chefs and sommeliers


Invite Schubert and Beethoven to your home and have a drink with Abba or John Williams




your musical



Digital concerts

Don’t wait until the end of lockdown to connect with your audience!


Rêveries Sonores provides live streaming concerts that can safely be enjoyed during the health crisis. Distil a little happiness in these difficult times!

Contact us and let us know what you want.


rêveries sonores wishes to provide

a new musical experience

based on the values of high quality of musical interpretation, respect for the works and legacy backed by a spirit of openness, dreams and creativity.


Sonia Moshnyager, a musician for 30 years, devoted herself to the study of violin before turning to another stringed instrument: the viola. A graduate from the renowned Geneva Haute École de Musique, she holds a double Master’s degree in concert performance and pedagogy. She studied with brilliant artists including violist Miguel Da Silva, a founding member of the famous Ysaÿe Quartet.


Sonia is a member of the Trio Klimt, plays in the world’s most renowned orchestras and, on top of her entrepreneurial activities, regularly performs in some of the most beautiful venues: Auditorium de Radio France, Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, Philharmonie de Paris, Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Konzerthaus in Vienna and Berliner Philharmonie. Now Sonia is devoting all her energy to growing Rêveries Sonores around the motto: Make all audiences feel the vibration of music in intimate atmospheres.


The musicians of rêveries sonores

For each concert, Sonia Moshnyager will find the musicians that are in sync with your specific needs and create the musical bubble of your dreams. Her address book is filled with countless virtuosos and brilliant artists! Renowned chamber musicians, musicians from acclaimed symphony orchestras, winners of international competitions who, for one evening, will be entirely devoted to your event.

Rêveries Sonores aims to extend the boundaries of classical music. Why not organise concerts with artists from diverse musical horizons, and mix music with other art forms? Visual or digital art, street art, dance, cinema, fashion... Possibilities are endless!

Beyond the music

Chamber music is a

unique experience

For me, there is a chamber music effect, a before and an after. Because of the proximity between the audience and the musicians, the music is experienced with greater intensity, the audience is more involved, emotions are increased tenfold, especially with the palpable vibration of the instruments’ strings.

Sonia Moshnyager





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